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May 26, 2021 Stress Can Cause Baldness In Men- Hair Specialist reveals

Kwesi Tetteh Asime, Public Relations Officer(PRO) of Kenzo’s Place Men’s Grooming Beauty Salon has outlined some main causes of baldness in men.

According to him, some causes of baldness beyond the hereditary aspect could be nutrition, stress, medication such as being on chemotherapy for cancer and others.

“Hair loss in men is hereditary, it’s in their family lineage and about 90% of men have it in their family or at some point in their lives lose their hair”.

In an interview with Nana Yaw Odame on e.TV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge he said, “It’s not something you did wrong that caused it. It’s just because it’s in your family and you happen to be in line so there should be no cause for alarm”.

“So you find out that people on cancer treatment don’t have hair. This is because they’re losing hair all because of the medication they are on”.

He went on to say that the frequent use of hot water can also cause men to go bald.

“Hot water is very harsh and might make the hair follicles weak and stress and it can start causing baldness”.

He however added that while some people find it very easy going bald, others also find it very difficult especially for those who like to keep their hair.

He stated that these and many others are what influence some men’s decision to go bald.

Although going bald has now been accepted as a fashion trend, some people actually do not have a choice than to do so for their own sake.

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