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April 16, 2021 Fiifi Gives ‘Kooko Feeling’ As A Sweet And Savory Morning Soundtrack!

Both a figurative and literal form of inspiration, meals can act as a driving force, or the nourishment of artistic creation in music as artists pay tribute to their favorite drinks and delicacies both lyrically and visually.

Highly rated Ghanaian alternative musician and guitarist-Fiifi drops the full length of his keenly awaited single “Kooko Feeling” which stamps as his first official single.

The song eulogizes the breakfast (Kooko) which is widely consumed in Ghana and Africa as a whole as he compliments the morning dish and the sides it comes with.

‘Kooko Feeling’ makes a potent first impression upon listen mostly thanks to his dramatic delay-driven intro, massive power chords and blues-infused solos, which made a perfect foil for his beautiful and tuneful singing voice.

Listen to ‘Kooko Feeling’ below and share your thoughts with us!

Listen Here

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