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July 3, 2021 Chill Brethren, Ghana Can’t Be Fixed In One Day

As many are calling for the country to be fixed due to hardship and other factors affecting the livelihood of the ordinary Ghanaian, Ghana’s revered act Stonebwoy has come out to have his say on the trending campaign which has taken over social and mainstream media.

In an Instagram live video with his colleague musicians Mr. Drew and Adina Thembi, Stonebwoy stated that, as much as he sides with the #FixTheCountry Campaign, the country cannot be fixed instantly though the country needs fixing.

Stonebwoy | Chill Brethren, Ghana Can't Be Fixed In One Day

He also stressed that, Ghanaians need to exercise patience because the right structures need to be put in place to fix the country and citizens also need to play their role in fixing the country.

Watch the video below;

What is your take on 1gad’s comment on the trending #FixTheCountry campaign?

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